100 pcs Raspberry Seeds – Rubus Idaeus

  • Raspberry red approx. 50 seeds/Pack – Rubus idaeus
  • Hardy/perennial

Growing instructions

Product description
Fresh raspberries from its own garden are a real delight. The fruit shrubs are easier to maintain and can multiply themselves without any problem by pushing. The ideal location for raspberries is a place in the garden protected from the wind in the middle of the shade until sunny. Growing raspberries from seeds is nevertheless usually difficult and almost discipline queen in the art of gardening. The germination period is at least 4-6 weeks but can last up to 1-2 years. Therefore you should not lose your patience.

Sowing / Cultivation:
The seeds are generally cold germinators and must first be stratified (cold treated). To do this, the seeds are placed in small pots with pre-moistened cultivation soil, lightly pressed and covered with a thin layer of soil.
Stored them in a refrigerator (not in a freezer!) for 3 to 4 weeks. During this time, the soil must not dry out and it must always be kept slightly moist (no waterlogging). Also ensure regular ventilation to prevent mould growth.

After stratification, place the pot in a bright but cool (about 18 ° C) location. Light germinator! Simply press the seeds onto moist cultivation substrate (such as seed soil, pique soil, potting soil, or coconut humus) and cover with translucent foil. It is important to keep the soil moist, while avoiding waterlogging as much as possible.

The temperature must be increased as soon as the first shoots appear. Room temperature and plenty of moisture are very important now. It is best when kept in a greenhouse (home greenhouse). After further 4 weeks, the saplings are ready to be piqued. Gently hold the sapling by a leaf and carefully, using a wooden dibbler, lift out the young raspberry plant from the soil and place each one in a single pot. When the plants are large enough (approx. 20 cm), it is then time to acclimate the young plants to outdoor temperatures so that they can be later planted in your garden.

Please note:
This is a natural product. Therefore, we do not guarantee a sprout or germ for seeds since the conditions under which sowing by the customer is made can not be assessed or influenced by us.

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